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Leather Works
  69 Monmouth St.
Red Bank
New Jersey
NJ 07701
United States
Tel. +1 (732) 450 2051

  Home of the "House of Anoria" Medieval Renaissance Costumes Garb & Clothing. Gothic-Vampire- Romantic-Fantasy...Detailed custom period & fantasy costume recreations. Elizabethan - Medieval - Roman - Celtic -Viking Tudor - Cavalier Costumes - Doublets-Tunics-Jerkins-Surcoats-Breeches-Cloaks Medieval garb and clothing Enter the Realm of ANORIA. Royal Garments-Ecclesiastical Vestments-Peasant-Pirate-Barbarian. Designs Inspired from the time of the Pharaohs to late Cavalier. For Royal - Medieval - Renaissance Weddings - Court - Battles - Role playing - Faires ALCHEMY GOTHIC - Chalices, Goblets, Jewelry. Pirate/Poet shirts Fantasy fashion apparel and cloaks from Shrine of Hollywood and Eternal Love. Rolling Stones collectibles. Skull Death Ring Pewter & Silver from "Legends of England" Vampire Fangs by Lord Maven. Gothic, Celtic, alchemy gothic, medieval pendants. Unique Silver pieces from AXEL....�. Renaissance -Velvet Vampire Capes - Gothic Wedding Garb, Gowns, Clothing , Jackets, Dresses, Shirts, Victorian Dusters and Skirts from Jeannie Nitro. MORE Photos of some stock of Gothic Garb. LEATHER -Rock and Roll, Pants, Vests, Chaps, MC Jackets and Dusters. BOOTS / SHOES- fashion, exotic, dancer, thigh high boots, platforms & 5" spiked stiletto heels... Fantasies in shoes & boots.. EXOTIC - A very large selection of Leather fashion & fetishwear, chainwear, G-strings, chokers, catsuits, hobble skirts, gauntlet gloves, restraints, tongs, miniskirts, pasties, garters, leather short-shorts, halters, bra's, bustier, leather and Satin corsets, teddies, Stockings, Leggings, Bondage Pants and Thigh High Boots. LINGERIE -Available in Leather, Latex and PVC��. Exotic dancewear fashions, fetishwear, Intimate apparel for Men & Women. We carry a large assortment in Leather, Spandex, Patent Leather, PVC, Rubber Stretch Latex by The Baroness, Ms. Antoinette's Versatile Fashions, Stormy Leather and XTC Leather of New York. Corsets Sexy Shoes Leather Pants Poet shirts ALCHEMY GOTHIC Shrine of Hollywood Jeannie Nitro

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